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super fast shipping
by Joseph Solberg
I'm using this product from last one month and I can see in crystal clear way that my face is glowing. Thank you Skinkraft
by Z.M.
Shipping was fast. The face really gleams in the light. It’s nice enough to wear on the job or on a late night date. I get compliments on it all the t...
by Austin
It is my first time using the single edge SE. It is excellent, and I liked it. It works wonders on my beard and chin. I advise everyone to purchase th...
by John Williams
Like the sit
by Louis chapoose
questa volta decisamente negativi non mi hanno spedito un ordine dicendo che non prevedeva la spedizione gratis cosa che non e' vero in quanto il prec...
by f.r.
I've been eating NMN and Trans-Resberatrol for 5 months.
by Anonymous_0.4608511098690865
My uncle received a suction grabber as a gift, but one suction cup broke off after a few months. I called to see if there was some warranty since he d...
by Patricia Conery
Great Experience buying this bike, it was super easy to assemble. The bike looks awesome. Now that it is spring I can't wait to go out and ride.
by Patrick Madigan
I posted a review after just 3 nights. This mattress is everything they everyone says about it! Puffy asked for pictures so here they are.
by Gina
Website is OK. Very nice watch, but the directions for setting everything could have been a little more explicit...
by Don S.
I am extremely pleased with my purchase- at first I was skeptical because I have never heard of bluechipwrestling, but I took a risk. It exceeded my e...
by Irving
Hello I have been strength training for almost five years and I’ve been on a budget up to this point. For my birthday a buddy said they would get me t...
by L.M.
Love this next to my bed
by Nessa
Very quick service, lonely products that are detailed and sturdy. Will definitely be back for more!
by Deborah Hawes
Great band. Easy to put on and remove, vibrant colors, and great quality.
by JC
We only use Ultra Clear Epoxy, both Deep Pour and Tabletop. Great products, easy to work with. Excellent quality.
by T.W.C.
LOVE my new battery box from Ballistic Fabrication. Just finished painting the raw metal to match my car. Couldn't find a better fit if I tried!
by Brenda R.
Works good so far. Not used much yet.
by Wade L.
Caramel Crunch bars are my favorite. Love the Caramel on the inside.
by Customer

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